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Browning A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun

Browning has announced that it will add the A-5 recoil-operated shotgun to its 2012 product line.


Browning has announced that it will add the A-5 recoil-operated shotgun to its 2012 product line. The company claims it has been built to be the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing and softest shooting recoil-operated autoloader on the planet.

Other features include:
-Ultra-reliable, honed to perfection Kinematic Drive System
-Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones
-The new Invector-DS choke tube system
-3” chambers
-26”, 28” and 30” barrels
-Inflex II recoil pad

Available in wood (Hunter), synthetic (Stalker) and Mossy Oak Duck Blind and Infinity with Dura-Touch Armor Coating, the Browning A-5 suggested retail price starts at $1,399.99

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4 Responses to Browning A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun

Glen Bethany wrote:
October 24, 2011

Where is the new A5 manufactured?

Robert wrote:
October 24, 2011

I think these guns will sell like crazy. I'm crossing my fingers for a 3.5'' version for geese. Regardless my 1975 will still be my go to. ;)

Mike Vojnar wrote:
October 23, 2011

What a legend of a gun. I killed my first buck with my dads A5 at the age of 16. I have been a Browning fan ever since, I own a GoldHunter and have killed many deer with it. Time to start saving for a future A5 purchase .

Dan McPhail Burton Mi wrote:
October 12, 2011

at 64 i think i speak for all old school hunters when i say "attaboy" to Browning for updating and refining this legend. There is a an ease to cleaning, ultra dependable feel to the humpback can keep your head up and still hit with this gun...what a fine looking piece the new one will be. now if they just get that cumbersome switch the two friction rings thing simplified i'm on the way,I owned TWO Benelli Monto 20 guage guns that always jammed on low brass loads...the A5's i've shot always cycle them when rings are set right. I hope this gun sells like crazy. Thanks Browning!