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What NRA Does for Hunters

What NRA Does for Hunters

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Time: 2 p.m.
Location: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Room 326
Moderator: J.R. Robbins, Managing Editor of

Speakers: Kayne Robinson, Executive Director, NRA General Operations; Susan Recce, Director, Conservation, Wildlife and Natural Resources, NRA-ILA; Darren La Sorte, Manager, Hunting Policy, NRA-ILA; John Joines, Range Services Specialist and Bob Davis, Manager, NRA Hunter Services

Seminar: Cabela's Presents: What NRA Does for Hunters

Seminar Summary: Threats to hunter’s rights are escalating—and diversifying. This session will bring you up to date on the most serious threats to hunters’ rights and NRA’s actions to protect them. Whether the challenge is an attempt to ban hunting ammunition, difficulty accessing public hunting land, a shooting range in jeopardy, or anti-hunters’ legal maneuvering, NRA is at work on every front to ensure your continued right to hunt. The session will present five key NRA staffers who fight daily for hunters’ rights.

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