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Smith Hunting 3-Pound Tri-Blind

The Tri-Blind is a light and versatile blind that can be used from the ground or with a variety of tree stands.


Smith Hunting Blinds has introduced a light, portable and versatile blind system called the Tri-Blind. At only 3 pounds, the Tri-Blind provides extremely lightweight concealment, but its best attribute is its versatility.

The Tri-Blind can be used with almost any type of tree stand because it can attach directly to any tree, or it can be used from the ground. The Tri-Blind can also be attached to two trees that are within 5 to 6 feet of one another to produce a blind that can very easily conceal an ATV or even a wheelchair.

The Tri-Blind also allows users to easily change camo pattern by removing the skirt and sliding on a new skirt. Currently the Tri-Blind is available in two Mossy Oak patterns—Break Up Infinity and Obsession—for $49.99.

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