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The Ultimate October Playbook

This month presents opportunities for a bowhunter or early-season muzzleloader hunter—if you don’t mess up first. Here’s how to score before the rut arrives.

October 03, 2013

New Moultrie D-555i

Featuring a 90-degree wide-angle lens and No Glow nighttime infrared illumination, the D-555i is simple to use, with large buttons and a 2-inch color-viewing screen for live-view aiming.

August 16, 2013

Wildgame Innovations Releases New Fuze 12 Touch

Wildgame Innovations has released the new Fuze 12 Touch Digital Scouting Camera for 2013.

June 28, 2013

Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Includes GameFinder Software

With the addition of GameFinder software, the PlotWatcher Pro makes it easier than ever for users to access and share video and stills.

June 18, 2013

Stealth Cam Introduces Skout No-Glo Camera

The Skout No-Glo's ZX7 processor is designed to supercharge scouting cameras, creating faster trigger speed and increasing battery life.

April 12, 2013

Moultrie P-150 Panoramic Trail Camera

Moultrie has unveiled the P-150 Panoramic trail camera, one of the most unique and innovative devices of its kinds to hit the market in the last few years. The design involves three infrared motion sensors and a moving lens that travels from one side to the other, covering a 150-degree area. According to Moultrie, the camera will photograph three times the area of the average trail camera.

January 16, 2013

Leupold RCX Trail Camera Rebate

Leupold is offering up to $400 in rebates on its RCX trail camera system.

July 05, 2012

Dealing with the October Lull

I haven’t been hunting, but I got to thinking about where I would go if I did hunt. Some people hunt every weekend regardless of the time frame. If the season is open they are hunting. This, as I have stated a few times in the episodes, can do more harm than good at times. If you are leaving scent and intruding into your good areas at times when the bucks aren’t moving during daylight, you are taking the risk of educating them with very little hope for a reward. Okay, we get that, but where would I actually hunt?

October 12, 2011

Whitetail Season: October Lull Tips

Bill Winke gives his tips for dealing with the “October lull."

October 11, 2011

Primos Truth Cam Blackout

New from Primos is the Truth Cam Blackout, providing complete surveillance to hunters and designed to be undetectable to animals.

October 06, 2011

Trail Cam Captures Deer-Chasing Cougar

A Nebraska hunter's trail cam caught some truly remarkable footage of a cougar on the heels of a whitetail deer.

August 25, 2011

Trail Camera Helps Catch Shoplifter

When an Ohio hardware store struggled to catch a notorious shoplifter in the act, the owner utilized his trail camera as a security system.

February 24, 2011

Avoid These Rut Mistakes

If you can avoid these five common mistakes, you are well on your way to making this a November to remember.

October 15, 2009

Advanced Whitetail Patterning

If your season opens in early September those summer photos will help you pattern an opening-day buck.

September 16, 2009