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Packing Pistols In Bear Country

Carry guns can take many forms, but choosing one to wield in the wilderness deserves special considerations.

August 13, 2014

Video: The .454 Casull Challenge

American Hunter Field Editor Bryce Towsley claimed he could put five rounds of .454 Casull through a single-action revolver in under three seconds. The American Hunter staff challenged him to prove it—and couldn't resist getting in on the fun, too.

July 15, 2014

Camp Guns for Bear Country

As I write this I am about to get away for a few days of camping. In this case, fishing will be the primary focus of the trip. When shooting or hunting is the primary focus, it’s pretty obvious what gun(s) you’ll take. But when shooting isn’t the objective, what should you take to camp?

June 22, 2010