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A Humbling Hunt

The image we outdoor-writer types often have of ourselves is that of an old, grizzled sage. Well, at least for some. As for me, I know only too well that I am a stumbling, fumbling, half-crippled old flatulent that is forgetful, ornery, opinionated and bucolic. Let me give you an example:

September 23, 2011

Wyoming Antelope Hunt, Day 3

As mentioned previously, and particularly where trophy-class animals are required, antelope hunts are generally of short duration. But, with a full day to spare, Henderson, myself and a couple other hunters decided to visit local attractions, including gun shops. On the way into Gillette to drop of the antelope meat, we stopped by T&T Guns & Ammo and perused the inventory. The business, which has been family-owned for 59 years, has an excellent assortment of new and used firearms, ammunition and accessories. It’s nice to see these smaller businesses succeed.

November 25, 2010

Wyoming Antelope Hunt, Day 2

By Aaron Carter, Managing Editor, AR

November 23, 2010

Wyoming Antelope Hunt, Day 1

By Aaron Carter, Managing Editor, AR

November 19, 2010