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Is Wind Energy a Threat to Migratory Birds?

One of the concerns regarding wind farms back before they became a fixture on the Midwest landscape was their potential effect on animal populations, especially birds. There have been some incidents that seem to validate this apprehension. Wind turbines have killed an average of 67 golden eagles per year in the San Francisco Bay area. (Perhaps that's a stat to tuck away for the next time a greeny suggests lead ammo is harming birds of prey.)

November 09, 2011

NRA News and I Discuss Ongoing Bird Deaths

As we've discussed here, strange and apparently coincidental mass blackbird deaths have occurred in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and elsewhere. Cam Edwards of NRA News and I recently delved into the issue further during an airing of the popular radio program, "Cam and Company." Here's a clip:

January 07, 2011