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Pending World Record Ram

A possible new archery world record desert bighorn sheep was taken recently in—of all places—southern California. On December 20, 2011, Brett Scott arrowed a ram that green scores 180 7/8 inches on the Pope and Young measurement system. The horns measure 35 1/2 and 37 inches in length with 16 1/2-inch bases. If, after the 60-day mandatory drying period, the horn shrinkage is less than an inch, Scott’s ram will be a new world record for archery desert bighorn.

January 06, 2012

Shooting From a Ground Blind

By Bob Robb

Every year, more and more deer hunters are discovering that you do not have to spend day after day perched 20 feet off the ground to take deer. More hunters have discovered ground blinds can work just as well—and sometimes even better. This is especially true when you find a red-hot travel corridor that doesn’t have a good tree in the same zip code.

October 14, 2011

Early Season Keys

By Bob Robb

You’ve heard all the arguments for not hunting whitetails seriously during the early archery season. And yet, this is one of my favorite times to get a shot at a good buck. This week—the last week of September—I am in northwest Wyoming, where I drew both archery elk and whitetail tags. Before starting to chase elk in earnest, I am deer hunting and the first two days have been excellent. I have seen several good bucks and almost got a shot.

September 23, 2011