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Bringing Birds Back from Mexico—What You Need to Know

For the table or for taxidermy, wingshooters have ample reason to want to bring back birds from hunts in Mexico. Here's a primer on the red-tape involved in doing so.

October 03, 2014

Is It Safe to Hunt Mexico? Part 3

In isolated incidents, American hunters have fallen victim to criminals in Mexico. Others enjoy successful outings. The key factor is to assess the risk where the hunt will take place and to be honest about one's personal risk tolerance.

April 03, 2014

Is It Safe to Hunt in Mexico? (Part 2)

Although news reports from Mexico have been alarming, NRA Publications' John Zent decided he needed to hunt there at least one more time and see for himself.

March 14, 2014

Viva Mexico Quail Hunting

While U.S. upland bird seasons are closed by March, this month is prime time for quail hunting in some parts of sunny Mexico, particularly for the black-throated bobwhite variety found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. NRA Outdoors, a service that organizes hunting and fishing excursions specially tailored to NRA members, offers an intriguing three-day hunt in Yucatan’s rural northern coastal plain, not far from the tourist mecca of Cancun. A party of six American hunters, including NRA Outdoors chief Greg Ray and Editorial Director John Zent, found the welcome there to be as warm as the weather, the birds were abundant, and the shooting downright excellent.

March 14, 2014

Is It Safe to Hunt in Mexico? (Part 1)

NRA's John Zent faces the foremost question on the minds of Americans contemplating a hunt in Mexico.

March 12, 2014

Chihuahua Coues Deer

By Bob Robb

I have been hunting northern Mexico for the better part of three decades, and always feel safe and secure traveling there. This year I spent a week, including New Year’s Eve, hunting Coues whitetails in Chihuahua with Ernesto Beall and Ojo Caliente Outfitters. This is one of the most affordable, exciting and enjoyable winter big-game hunts around. The northern Mexican states offer the best Coues deer hunting in the world right now. Most areas of these states have not been pounded like common habitat areas in Arizona and New Mexico, meaning the odds of finding a buck with enough age to grow large is much better. Also, you do not have to draw tags, meaning if you want to hunt them this season—in Chihuahua the season runs through January 25—all you have to do is hook up with a quality outfitter and go. You can get last-minute hunt deals for about three grand for six full days of hunting, which is less than many guided hunts for whitetails in the states.

January 10, 2012