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Alabama Rainout

Thanks to the cold, rainy weather, Porter’s second morning hunt in Alabama is also cut short, but maybe regrouping around the lodge fireplace mid-morning just might fuel a good plan for this afternoon.

March 17, 2014

Eastern Gobblers Calling Porter's Name

Alabama thunderstorms shut down NRA President Porter's morning hunt, but when the weather broke, at least one tom sounded off again.

March 16, 2014

Porter Bags Osceola and Sets Sights on Eastern

NRA President Jim Porter takes his Osceola on day one of his grand slam quest and heads right for Alabama in pursuit of subspecies No. 2: America's big and glorious Eastern!

March 16, 2014

Quest for 450: Bird Number 445 Closes Out Alabama

The next day after taking his fifth bird of the season and 444th of his lifetime, Mike Pentecost and cameraman Terry Sullivan were back at it in the public woods of Alabama. The morning began at the same spot where they had successfully hunted the day before, but nothing was heard—something a lot of us hunters on pressured areas can relate to.

May 10, 2012

Quest for 450: 444 Goes Down in Bama

Mike Pentecost had been taking care of some business and hunting out of his public-land turkey camp that he enjoys with a group of friends every year when cameraman Terry Sullivan made it back in town and started following Mike with the camera. On Terry’s first day back, the two of them checked out a piece of National Forest that had been recently burned in a prescribed condition. In fact, it was so recent; some stumps were still smoking and burning.

May 04, 2012

Quest for 450: Turkey Camp

Each season, Woodhaven Custom Calls’ Mike Pentecost takes time out of his travels to stay right at home and hunt for several weeks. Besides just hitting some public land not far from his home in Heflin, Ala., he joins up with a group of hardcore turkey hunters who camp out in the national forest for up to two weeks each spring. Here is Mike’s thoughts on the experience in his own words:

May 01, 2012

Quest for 450: Florida Bound—Finally!

After making final preparations and enjoying a hunt with biologist friend Ryan Prince, Mike Pentecost is finally Florida bound. Mike got the camera he had ordered in operational mode and lined up the camera guy to run it. The lack of a camera has already put him a week behind in his quest to kill 11 birds this season for a lifetime total of 450 turkeys before he is 50 years old.

March 27, 2012

A Day Well Spent

Still waiting on a camera, Mike Pentecost headed out to hunt with an old school turkey hunter named Jimmy Bragg. Mr. Bragg helped Mike with advice and tips when he was first learning to turkey hunt so Mike is always happy to return the favor these days and join the older hunter in the woods to go after turkeys.

March 26, 2012

Biding Time

Still in Alabama at a time he had hoped his spring quest would have him putting gobblers on the ground in Florida, Mike Pentecost is biding his time…though he is beginning to rework his strategy. Not one to rush through a season and be done, Mike mixes plenty of hunts in with friends and then finishes up later in the season. Early season in Alabama is actually usually tougher hunting, he said. But with spring coming in so early, the turkeys are way ahead and Mike is now worried that the whole mating game of the turkeys will be done by mid-April. That means the usually still productive final weeks of the season may not be that way this year.

March 23, 2012

Quest for 450: Quest Delayed

Jammed up with no camera still on hand, Mike Pentecost’s Quest for his 450th wild turkey, which was to start in Florida this past weekend, was put on hold. That means staying in Alabama where the season has already come in at least another week, which isn’t all bad, since he can jump on things as soon as he gets the matter straight. Until then, he’s doing the next best thing. He’s hunting with some friends.

March 22, 2012

Quest for 450: Opening Day in Alabama

Spring weather has arrived much earlier than usual and from what turkey hunters are seeing firsthand from scouting is that the turkeys are well along in their springtime process for it to be only mid-March. Ordinarily Woodhaven Custom Calls owner Mike Pentecost would've been rushing out of the door on Alabama's opening day, hours before daylight, to try and get a jump on the other hunters to hit a nearby tract of public land he likes to hunt. But this year is different.

March 20, 2012