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From The Cookbook: Roast Coon

For those of you who have a hankering for some coon meat, this recipe will take greasy raccoon meat and turn it into a delectable dish for you and yours.

August 22, 2013

Not Politically Correct: "Coon Hunt Court" Renamed

In what can only be described as a big misunderstanding, a neighborhood planning board in Columbia, Md., has voted to rename a street previously known as Coon Hunt Court. The unanimous decision was spurred by numerous complaints from Coon Hunt Court residents, who called the name "insulting".

September 14, 2012

Coonhound Spends Nine Days Trapped in Cave

Roger Moore's coonhound, Half Pint, was tracking a raccoon when the trail led her inside a cave. She did not emerge, and Moore grew understandably worried. He could hear Half Pint barking, but couldn't reach her. Talk about heartbreaking.

April 04, 2011