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Will My Girlfriend Eat a Plate of Divers?

Tonight I will do something that some of you may equate with suicide: I'm going to hand my girlfriend, Amanda, a plate of diving ducks and tell her to dig in. Now, before you scroll to the comments section and type in, "You're crazy, Wintersteen!!!" let me explain. I did not arrive at this stage overnight. Rather, I carefully prepared my girlfriend's wild-game palate by starting with more delectable fare: grilled elk tenderloin, breaded pheasant parmesan, fried quail and sautéed wood ducks and mallards.

April 14, 2010

Hemingway: An Unapologetic Wingshooter

I'm currently nose deep in a terrific little read titled, "Hemingway on Hunting." It's a collection of hunting-related passages from Ernest Hemingway's various novels, short stories and even personal letters. Much of it details Hemingway's love affair with African game, however, I'm partial to what "Papa" had to say about bird hunting.

April 05, 2010

What If We Weren't Bird Hunters?

A new NSSF/Harris poll reveals that about half of the people we know would try shooting if we'd just invite them to tag along. Maybe that should've made me think of a few friends I'd like to take shooting, but mostly it reminded me how lucky I am that my Dad took me shooting and later pheasant hunting. But what if that hadn't occurred? My friends, let me pose a rather frightening question: What if we weren't bird hunters?

March 31, 2010

Hardest Mouth I've Ever Seen

I've hunted with some pretty hard-mouthed dogs in my day, but never one that would rip the bumper off a police car."Winston the Bulldog," as he's come to be known, was taken to an animal shelter and nearly declared a "potentially dangerous dog." The city of Chattanooga, Tenn., has since allowed him to return home under the condition that he not be allowed loose again.

March 29, 2010

Who's Your Fav Pheasant Writer?

Pheasants Forever asks "Who is your favorite pheasant hunting journalist?" on its Facebook page. So far the late Gene Hill, who happens to be my favorite writer, is in the lead. I trail with zero votes.

March 09, 2010

Blind Retrieves Made Easy

Here's a little video Freedom and I put together about blind retrieves that originally aired on "American Hunter Television."

March 03, 2010

Kyle's Dog Fights City Hall

Dear Arlington County, Va., Board of Directors: 

March 01, 2010

Bird Dogs on Parade

Bird dogs were on parade Friday to open Pheasants Forever's National Pheasant Fest. Participants included Labradors, pointers, shorthairs, Brittanys, wirehaired pointing griffons, viszlas, and even a Deutsch langhaar, blue Picardy spaniel and spinone Italiano. From the Omaha World-Herald:

February 28, 2010

Bold Flush Saves Springer's Life

"Poppy" (who looks to me like a field-bred springer) was so intent on catching a seagull that she chased it over the edge of a 300-foot sea cliff. Her horrified owners rushed to the edge, physically ill with the expectation of finding their dog dead. Miraculously, Poppy was alive and swimming toward shore! Apparently her momentum carried her beyond the rocks and pounding surf—which would've surely killed her—to the safety of the sea. I know a bold flush impresses field trial judges, but as far as I know this is the first time it has saved a dog's life. Poppy was quickly picked up by British coast guard rescuers. (Click here for video of the rescue.) She suffered a partially collapsed lung but has fully recovered.

February 25, 2010

Bird Dogs in The New York Times!

To my surprise and delight, there is an article on bird dog field trials in this morning's New York Times. Author James Card attended the national championship bird dog field trial at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, Tenn., and he clearly put a lot of effort into learning about the game's premise and culture. The article reaches an audience not normally exposed to field trials and does an excellent job explaining the basics of a rather complex topic.

February 24, 2010

For the Bookshelf

"Favorite Ways to Train Your Bird Dog" by NRA member Mark Payton offers an introduction to the fundamentals of training a pointing breed. Therefore, it is appropriate that an English setter graces the cover. After all, the breed's beauty alone has lured many a naïve soul into taking up gundog training. (It isn't until later that these poor saps realize they've entered into a hobby that's only slightly less expensive and time consuming than professional horse racing.)

February 22, 2010

Baseball Team Changes Name to "Fighting Pheasants"

An independent Sioux Falls, SD, pro baseball team has announced plans to change its name from the Canaries to the "Fighting Pheasants." CEO Gary Weckwerth made the following statement in a press release:

February 19, 2010

Are Cat Owners Smarter than Dog Owners?

I should've read the whole story instead of glancing at the blog headline, "Study Says Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners," and spouting (with just a touch of cynicism), "Well that must be true because I'm too dumb to understand why anyone would own a damn cat!"

February 12, 2010

Is the Lab America's Most Popular Dog?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has released its annual list of "the most popular purebred dogs in America." As expected, for the 19th consecutive year the Labrador retriever tops the list.

February 01, 2010

DOH! Goose Hunters Cause Nuclear Scare

No, they didn't spill coffee onto the reactor controls causing a meltdown à la Homer Simpson. Rather, the AP reports that two goose hunters put out their decoys near a nuclear bomb plant. Several plant employees spotted the hunters on their way to work and reported it to plant security. The hunters turned out to be Department of Energy employees assigned to the plant who were legally hunting just off plant property. No word on whether they bagged any three-eyed geese.

January 21, 2010