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Who Says Pheasants Won't Nest in the South?

There are folks who contend you can stock as many pheasants as you want in the South, but you'll never establish a breeding population. They argue that the springs are too mild, that there are too many egg-foraging varmints and that the habitat conditions simply aren't right for producing wild ringnecks.

June 18, 2012

Pheasant Sandwiches Fed World War II U.S. Troops

In honor of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day yesterday, I'd like to share a story of pheasants and patriotism that I learned of on a recent upland hunting trip to Aberdeen, S.D. As you know, on Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and shortly thereafter the United States joined the Allied war effort.

December 07, 2010

Who Will Bag the Million Dollar Pheasant?

I'm sure you don't need another reason to hunt pheasants in South Dakota (quick aside: if one more outdoor writer refers to S.D. as "ringneck mecca" or "the pheasant capital of the world," I will surely gag). However, if you do, get this: the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau has banded and released 100 pheasants in Brown County, S.D., one of which carries a band worth $1 million! According to the contest rules, all banded birds are worth at least $100-$500 and will automatically be entered into a drawing to determine the million-dollar winner.

November 03, 2010

Minnesota: An Overlooked Wingshooting Destination

This evening I'll board a plane for what I consider to be the most underrated wingshooting destination in the country: Minnesota.

October 22, 2010

The Wily Ringneck Pheasant

Nowhere in nature is the splendor of Mother Nature more vivid than in the colors of a cock ringneck pheasant.

September 16, 2009