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How to Bowhunt Muskox in Shorts

Bowhunting muskox in Greenland is a great way to sidestep the Canadian Arctic temps!

September 09, 2014

Why Everyone Should Embrace Elephant Hunting

Many people, including hunters, don't like the idea of elephant hunting. But they should not insist others agree with them so long as the activity is legal and does not harm the resource.

March 07, 2014

Is a 25-Yard Zero Dead-On at 100 yards?

By Keith Wood

The Myth: A 25-yard zero puts you “dead-on” at 100 yards. I’ve listened to some pretty amazing ballistic theories over the years but this one is probably the most common. The theory is that, with common big game cartridges, a “zero” at 25 yards will correlate to a second “zero” at 100 yards.

June 10, 2011

The Myth: The .223 is too Light for Deer

I read somewhere that today’s premium bullets represent the greatest advance in big game hunting technology since the widespread use of the optical sight, and I agree 100 percent. Many of the myths that we face today are the product of outdated truth.

May 20, 2011

Welcome to BullShooters

By Jeff Johnston

May 13, 2011

Get to Work......

As you fritter away time between hunting seasons, consider these projects. They’ll improve your gear, and help get you through the days muddy days of March

February 12, 2010