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Benelli Legacy 28

For young shooters and the upland hunter who carries his shotgun for miles, the Legacy is an excellent lightweight choice.

January 11, 2011

The Top 10 Wingshooting Stories of 2010

From a colossal man-made disaster, to the indictment of one of waterfowling's biggest names, to the discovery of a famous long-lost shotgun, 2010 was chockfull of wingshooting news. Here's a recap of the year's top stories:

December 29, 2010

Video: "Scotch Double" Rounds Out Bluebill Limit

Last Saturday's dawning sun revealed the sorriest diver spread I've ever seen. We had more decoys touching than not, they were way too close to the blind and the majority were tangled together in a hideous blob. Best of all, when wind and surf ripped through the spread it created the not-so-subtle sound of plastic smacking plastic.

December 14, 2010

The Small Rewards of a Life Spent Duck Hunting

If you consider yourself a duck hunter but have never looked to the skies from your blind and asked, "Just what in the hell am I doing here?" either you have no care for your financial or physical well-being, or you aren’t paying very close attention. We spend more money on guns, boats, decoys and other waterfowl accoutrements than any mother in-law would ever approve of, just to lather it all in December marsh slop. Our trucks are dented from sliding into obstacles backing down icy boat ramps, and their wiring is shot from the strain of trailer-light illumination. It’s too hot in teal season, too darn cold by the time the mallards arrive. The wind either blows too hard, not hard enough or in the wrong direction. Or it rains. Not just a sprinkle, but the kind of downpour in which no self-respecting duck would ever fly. Unfortunately for us, old Fred believes ducks fly in the rain, and if one member of the group wants to hunt, we all hunt.

November 17, 2010

Flanigan Moves to Mossberg

Shotgun-showman Patrick Flanigan has evidently jumped ship from Winchester to Mossberg. The move surprised me. Flanigan seemed to be Winchester's answer to Benelli trick-shooter Tom Knapp (that relationship is also now defunct) and last year saw the unveiling of a "Flanigun" edition Winchester Super X3.

November 15, 2010

A Minnesota Canvasback

My buddy and I didn't kill nearly as many ducks in Minnesota as our irrationally optimistic plan had called for, but our bag did include the king of ducks:

November 08, 2010

Who Will Bag the Million Dollar Pheasant?

I'm sure you don't need another reason to hunt pheasants in South Dakota (quick aside: if one more outdoor writer refers to S.D. as "ringneck mecca" or "the pheasant capital of the world," I will surely gag). However, if you do, get this: the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau has banded and released 100 pheasants in Brown County, S.D., one of which carries a band worth $1 million! According to the contest rules, all banded birds are worth at least $100-$500 and will automatically be entered into a drawing to determine the million-dollar winner.

November 03, 2010

How to Determine a Pheasant's Age

Pheasants Forever's Anthony Hauck takes some of the guesswork out of determining the age of the pheasant you just killed in his latest post. I say "some" of the guesswork because aging roosters is still an inexact science.

October 26, 2010

Minnesota: An Overlooked Wingshooting Destination

This evening I'll board a plane for what I consider to be the most underrated wingshooting destination in the country: Minnesota.

October 22, 2010

A Shotgun That'll Knock Your Pants Off

I thought missing the low-house target from station seven was the most embarrassing shotgun-related event a person could suffer. This video proves me wrong—and made me laugh really, really hard.

October 11, 2010

The Dream Six-Duck Limit

I've been asked numerous times to name my favorite duck, but for the life of me I can't pick just one (Heck, I even like spoonbills). I am able, however, to answer a similar yet broader question: What is your ultimate, dream limit of ducks? I figure that gives me up to six drakes to choose from, so here goes:

October 04, 2010

More Duck Production in U.S. No Cause to Celebrate

As we've discussed here and here, the last two waterfowl breeding seasons were the first in which more ducks nested on the U.S. side of the prairie pothole region than in Canada. Unfortunately, this is no cause for Americans to celebrate. Yes, the Dakotas are producing excellent nesting habitat, but the numbers are also a sign of the extent to which the Canadian prairie is broken. A feature in the fall issue of Delta Waterfowl Magazine brings the situation to light. A few excerpts from the article that grabbed my attention include:

September 16, 2010

2010 Pheasant Hunting Forecast

Pheasants Forever (PF) has published a comprehensive, user-friendly pheasant hunting forecast. It is broken down by state and, frankly, it is really well done.

September 10, 2010

The Ideal Waterfowl Gun

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has released audio tips for selecting a waterfowling shotgun (listen to part one and part two). The gist of NSSF's tips? You don't need a specialized duck gun. I tend to agree, but there are a few things I like in a waterfowl shotgun.

September 07, 2010

Do You Wrap Your Doves in Bacon?

My friends, the greatest time of year is upon us: Dove season has opened across the country! One of the things I look forward to most about the unofficial start of fall is the chance to munch on doves, but I must confess: I cheat. You see, I wrap my doves in bacon. It's impossible to screw up and always results in nugget-sized morsels of concentrated deliciousness.

September 01, 2010