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Turkey Calling Webinar with Legendary Ray Eye

If you're a beginner, or just looking to brush up on your turkey calling skills and don't want to risk your luck with YouTube videos then check out this new course, Calling is Everything, offered by Ray Eye and Mark Strand of Johnson Mountain University.

March 11, 2014

How to Hunt Turkeys Like Michael Waddell

Find out what this Georgia-born hunting superstar can teach you about chasing down a big gobbler this spring.

April 06, 2011

On Hung-Up Toms

Birds hang up, but barring mistakes, most hung-up gobblers can be un-hung. The next time you experience a hung-up bird, try these ruses.

February 12, 2010

The Gobbling Code

Listen for these hidden messages in the language of longbeards. When you learn to crack the gobbling code, you’ll have a better chance of seducing them into range.

February 03, 2010

Turkey Hunting: To Sit or Git

There are two main schools of turkey hunting styles—”sit-n-call” and “run-n-gun.” But great hunters learn how to use both tactics.

February 03, 2010

Box Call Music

We give you four ways to make your turkey box call sound even sweeter to that big gobbler.

June 10, 2009

Turkey Talk

Turkey Talk

May 19, 2009

Six Tricks for Tough Toms

A "tough" tom is hard to kill but fun to hunt. He roars on the limb, flies down and gobbles like a broken record. He bellows at your calls and struts your way.

May 12, 2009