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America's Top Five Wild-Game Meats

We can win the hearts and minds of non-hunters by being outspoken and resourceful users of our country's renewable source of wild-game meat.

May 31, 2011

Can Steven Rinella Make You A Better Hunter?

Find out what "The Wild Within" host Steven Rinella can teach you about cooking wild game, his hunter-gatherer philosophy and much more.

March 08, 2011

Watching Steven Rinella's "The Wild Within"

I first found out about Steven Rinella when his award-winning book American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon hit the scene in 2008. It was a terrific account of a buffalo hunt in Alaska’s Wrangell Mountains woven together with the history one of America’s most revered beasts. In those days he was just an author, and a fine one at that. Nowadays, they’re calling him a modern day hunter-gather and cable’s mainstream hunting star. His show “The Wild Within” debuted in January and was met with praise from viewers and critics alike.

March 06, 2011