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New Tick-Borne Disease Identified

Scientists have confirmed that the Heartland Virus is indeed a tick-borne disease.

July 31, 2013

Did Coyotes Cause Spread of Ticks, Lyme Disease?

After Lyme disease reared its ugly head in 1975 and subsequently spread throughout much of the country, it changed how we care for our gundogs. We vaccinate them against the disease. We check them for ticks after every hunt. And we apply monthly tick repellents such as Frontline and Advantix. Yet, if you own enough dogs over the course of enough years, it's likely one or even a few will contract Lyme. And let's not forget that you yourself are susceptible.

July 31, 2012

TickApp for Texas and the Southern Region

This free app was created to help outdoorsmen and women by providing at-your-fingertips access to tick identification, prevention and management.

July 19, 2011