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Hunting the Flooded Cathedral

Orion himself would alight from his celestial abode for a chance at hunting the hallowed grounds of the Southern flooded cypress.

January 08, 2014

Get in Tune with Waterfowl

Use these helpful hunting tips from Avery Outdoors pro-staffer Wayne Radcliffe to get in tune with the waterfowl in your neck of the woods.

November 19, 2013

Tips for Early Season Waterfowl Hunting

No need to wait until the weather turns mind numbingly cold to take down some waterfowl—early season hunts offer abundant opportunity.

September 19, 2011

Goose-Nappers Strike Town Park

Three pranksters were arrested after cops spotted them driving around with a goose in the back of their vehicle. From the Chillicothe Gazette:

March 08, 2011

Texas Duck Hunt: Life on the Water

We passed on a few ducks early because we were again hunting with the Benelli cameras and didn't have sufficient light. Then we had too much of a good thing—thousands of ducks were rafted up behind us, drawing every duck in the vicinity to them. A spread of a few dozen decoys just can't compete with thousands of live ducks. It was also a very calm, "bluebird" day, which didn't help. Have you ever witnessed thousands or even several dozen ducks on the water? There is an incredible amount of movement. A few dozen motionless decoys scream "fraud" especially when the real thing is nearby.

January 04, 2010

Texas Duck Hunt: A Trophy Hunt

Day TwoJoe Coogan, host of Benelli On Assignment, aptly described today's hunt as a trophy duck hunt. We didn't get many, but the ducks we did kill were of a very high quality. Joe killed an astoundingly beautiful redhead that he's going to mount. It had a large, crimson head, coal black breast and brilliant white belly.

January 03, 2010

Texas Duck Hunt: Early Birds on the Bay

Day OneI like to have my decoys out early, and it's nice to hunt with people who share my philosophy. Guide Harold Dworaczyk of the Bay Flats Lodge in Seadrift, TX, had the decoys out long before legal shooting time. Noting the slight crosswind, Harold placed 5-7 dozen puddle duck, redhead and bluebill decoys upwind to the right of the blind and 3-4 dozen downwind to the left. The blind was on a point that jutted out into the Bay, and he left a hole in front. We expected mostly diving ducks (redheads and a few bluebills), but this was obviously more of a puddle duck style spread than a traditional diver rig.

January 02, 2010