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Post-Thanksgiving Musings

Thanksgiving may be over, but it's never too late to give thanks. Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum belatedly shares some post-Thanksgiving musings about hunting and the rise of female hunters' numbers.

December 03, 2013

Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving

Where legal, a fall turkey hunt is the chance to hunt the icon of the fall feast; this is an opportunity to get off a morning bow stand and spend the midday scouting and hunting on your feet.

September 04, 2013

I Just Can't Do Another Turkey

Tired of the traditional? Here are some wild game alternatives to the big bird that you can try this Thanksgiving.

November 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is without a doubt my favorite holiday. It's the time of year that sums up what my life is all about—family, food, football and hunting. I'm getting all excited just thinking about it. Oh damn, I'm getting dizzy.

November 24, 2010

The Real History of Thanksgiving

Nobody is claiming the textbook version of Thanksgiving isn't true, it's just been whitewashed of a fact that changed the world.

September 30, 2010