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Hunting Texas Hogs in the Dark (Page 2)

Texas is crawling with feral hogs, and the state needs some help thinning them. If you go, be sure to take the right equipment.

It had all the makings of a mob hit; I called it “The Whack in Anahuac.” Only we didn’t exactly whack ’em. Weren’t enough of ’em. But we did the best we could considering the low turnout at the party. Hell, I didn’t fire a single shot. Not a single escapee scooted by the side of the square I covered.

If you go, by all means take your own firearm; the bigger the chambering the better, but make sure it’s a semi-auto. A .223 Rem. is bare minimum, and really a bit light, for pigs. AR-10s chambered in .308 Win. are a nice upgrade for pig hunting. I used a Smith & Wesson M&P10 in .308 Win., and carried two, 20-round magazines. Better still would be any AR chambered in bigger bores, like .338 Federal or .458 SOCOM. Actually, a Browning BAR Long Trac in .300 Win. Mag. wouldn’t be a bad choice, either, provided you carry three or four of its three-round magazines. Pack bug juice; you’ll likely need it. Knee-high rubber boots aren’t a bad idea; you might find yourself in swampy terrain. Light gloves are a good idea; in the dark it’s easy to catch exposed skin in the moving parts of firearms. Beyond that, by all means go, shoot, have fun. Texas could use the help.


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