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An African Big-Game Hunt, Caprivi Style (Page 3)

Standing toe-to-toe with Earth’s largest land mammal makes one thing clear: Elephant hunting is not a task to be taken lightly.

Danie figures the big boy goes about 5 tons and 12 feet tall. He’s perhaps 45 years old. Somebody suggests, “Hey Scott, this bugger was born about the time you entered kindergarten.” How profound. And I realize it’s only day one of a fabulous two-week safari and nothing that comes after this moment can possibly match it. And then we walk away from “my” bull, never to see it again.

Two days after I shot my elephant, Brian the Chairperson pulled alongside the Asila to greet us. Somebody cried out: “Hey Scott, that’s your ivory.” I looked and lo and behold there in the bottom of Brian’s boat laid “my” ivory. One tusk was short and thick and broken and the other one was longer but thinner but pretty good looking and nice and symmetrical.

I watched Brian speed away. Everybody in the boat knew where the tusks were headed—to some facility that surely must resemble a Namibian version of the warehouse at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Smart-aleck Spomer saw me looking longingly at them and said, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”
I sighed: “You have no idea.”

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2 Responses to An African Big-Game Hunt, Caprivi Style (Page 3)

Tim Ferrall wrote:
March 10, 2014

As Scott found out, one should ALWAYS have in hand a rifle sufficient to deal with the largest animal inhabiting the hunt area.

joe phillips wrote:
March 07, 2014

The african elephant is the earth's largest land mammal. The blue whale is the largest mammal. Good article. I envy you.