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A simple, elegant and approachable way to cook your game meats brought to you by professional chef, hunter and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America Matthew Cosenzo.

Whatever your method of cooking your wild pork, there is an onslaught of flavor profiles that will work. From Mexico to Malaysia, almost every culture has its signature dish using pork, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A recipe that may not turn out perfectly the first time is a lesson learned for the next one. Have fun with your wild proteins and enjoy the flavors and challenges of each pig that comes to your table.

Respect for game meat, along with a seasonal approach to cooking, will make for happy and well-fed guests at your table. You my even succeed in bringing non-hunters into the fold of wild game cooking through simple, elegant yet approachable food, utilizing a minimalist approach and the finest ingredients on hand.

Matthew Cosenzo’s passion for food and the outdoors developed while growing up in a small central New Jersey town. The search for a summer job landed him in a fly-fishing pro shop where he soon taught fly-tying to his customers. His passion for fly fishing and hunting drove his desire to use his creativity, which in turn drove his pursuit in the culinary arts and eventually landed him in the nation’s finest culinary school.

He was enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America (cia) in Hyde Park, N.Y. His education enabled him to travel and work in the culinary field in California and throughout New York. Graduating from the CIA with a bachelor’s degree in restaurant and hotel management, Matt combined his passions to create simple, elegant and approachable meals.

Matt is a regular contributor to Cooking Wild Magazine, a publication dedicated to cooking anything you can hunt, fish or forage, and Bear Hunters Online. He is an avid bowhunter and has developed a love for big-bore revolvers. He enjoys the challenge of getting close to game.

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2 Responses to Hunting Season, Brought to Table (Page 2)

Shawn wrote:
March 18, 2014

Both the Guava Pork and Venison Loin recipes were superb.

Keryl Cosenzo wrote:
January 31, 2014

Matt is a great chef.. his recipes are a must try.