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Hunting coyotes is easy. Killing them is not. If you want to move from merely “hunting” them to actually hunting and taking them consistently, you first have to respect them. 

I wait 20 more minutes until last light, with Les harping on the call, but I know he’s not coming back. Would I? Conceding, I drop down into the gully, walk around a bend and look to the loose dirt. I notice his tracks, so I kneel down to study them. Oddly, clearly, two toes from his left forepaw print are missing. I follow the tracks up the rocks, where I lose them, but I continue my gaze up and into the wild Wyoming countryside beyond. I know full well the coyote will not be silhouetted ignorantly on a hillside howling like in the movies, but rather lying motionless in the grass. He’s not gone, he’s just watching with those keen predator eyes, waiting for his break. He’s always been there, and I suspect he’ll be here making a living long after we’ve been shot out. Somehow I know it.

Les Johnson’s Top 5 Coyote-Thinning Tips

1.) Have an in-depth conversation with the landowner before hunting new property. Farmers and ranchers can tell you where they’ve seen and heard coyotes. This is your most valuable information.

2.) Stick to the basics when calling. My only call is a jackrabbit-in-distress.

3.) Hunt the edges first and work your way to the core. I like to nibble around the edges, picking off the singles, before going directly where the coyotes are most concentrated.

4.) Have patience. Sit for at least 30 minutes on each stand and take notice of movement of other animals. The area will speak to you and let you know how you need to hunt it if you sit and observe.

5.) Hunt with a partner. The best path to success in an unknown territory is to have a partner watch an area that you cannot see from your setup. This helps you nail coyotes that come to your call but that you can’t see. Plus, your partner will observe things that can ultimately help tweak your game plan for more success.

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Bob wrote:
April 11, 2014

yeah, where is the video promised in the January edition of the magazine

Wes wrote:
January 19, 2014

Where is the video promised in the sidebar in the print edition?