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If you look for deer in the deep canyons of north Idaho, be prepared to sweat up and down steep terrain. You should also be prepared to make sharply angled shots.

“Uh, oh. I don’t know,” Shane cautioned as the buck bounded off after the shot, its tail flipping like tails shouldn’t flip if a buck is hit hard. “Better try again.” And just then the buck stumbled and piled into a brush patch. It stood up, wobbly, and I added a finisher to the neck.

The first bullet had landed slightly high and slightly back—a liver shot. But the liver is a blood-filled organ and a Ballistic Silvertip creates a lot of tissue damage. The deer had lost blood pressure almost as quickly as if it had been heart-shot.

It took us a half-hour to reach that deer. It was another 40 minutes dragging him down to the road. The tines were tall and the main beams bent up sharply near the tips, creating what looked like an additional tine. It was one of the more unusual “typical” whitetail racks Shane and I had ever seen, befitting a whitetail that had lived in one of the more unusual places whitetails have ever inhabited—the kind of rugged country where you can use the help of SuperGuide Shane Harris.

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