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Epic Gundog Fails (Page 2)

Sometimes you just can't control your dog and the result is an 'epic fail.' Here are some epic dog fails the author has experienced.

That is, until a bald eagle showed up and began competing with her for the duck. On its third dive bomb, the eagle seized our duck in its talons and flew off with it like so many trout. This may be considered a fail in that Dixie didn’t complete the retrieve, but I’ve rarely been so impressed.

The takeaway from these stories is that all involve what I consider great dogs. No dog, not even the best we’ll ever own, is immune to days we only remember for their profound frustrations. Yet, isn’t it wonderful that even when our dogs infuriate us, by day’s end we’re once again buddies? When has conflict between humans ever found such swift resolution?

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4 Responses to Epic Gundog Fails (Page 2)

Keith wrote:
November 07, 2013

I'm reading these stories while sitting in a cold & windy deer stand. I'm not sure if it's just a slow day or I scared the deer off laughing.

Jorge Willars wrote:
November 06, 2013

Love your stories. They bring back memories from years gone past. I had to quit hunting because of health reasons, but tales like this keep me alive and happy. Many thanks.

David Coy wrote:
November 06, 2013

Enjoyed the tales.

Duane wrote:
November 06, 2013

I can add a great dog story. I had a Visula which while a great pointer and retriever, hated to get into what we called 'sand burrs' because they stuck to his feet and were painful to walk on. On this occasion, I had collected those 'sand burrs' all thru my boot laces. Around the fire that evening, my dog who hated these burrs (they would cling to his tongue when he tried to remove them from his feet) laid at my feet and knowing that I must hate them too removed all the the many burrs from my laces. It took him quite a while but it truly was an effort of love and, of course, endeared him to me forever.