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Bad Boy Buggies Ambush iS New Generation of 4x4 Hunting UTV

The new 2014 Ambush iS 4x4 hybrid from Bad Boy Buggies combines all of the features hunters want into one UTV.

The new 2014 Ambush iS 4x4 hybrid from Bad Boy Buggies combines all of the features hunters want into one UTV. The Ambush iS gives you the choice of switching between independent gas and electric powertrains, the utility of Regen Mode to recharge the vehicle's batteries on the road and the ability to engage both powertrains at once for 4WD power. This new UTV has three modes of operation: rear-wheel-drive 2WD gas, front-wheel-drive 2WD electric, and 4WD with both gas and electric powertrains engaged. A proprietary onboard computer coordinates the operation of the Ambush's dual powertrains, ensuring they gas and electric systems work together for maximum power and efficiency.

The Ambush iS includes a 28-horsepower, 720cc fuel-injected Subaru engine. With the new Regen Mode users are ensured silence when its needed by recharging the vehicle's batteries while it operates on gas power. The electric motor becomes a generator, and when Regen Mode is set to high the amount of energy sent to the batteries can exceed that of traditional battery charging.

“The Ambush has changed how people think about hunting UTVs, and the enhanced power, range and flexibility of our new Ambush iS model once again proves that this Bad Boy is the ultimate hunting machine,” said Vice President, Consumer for Bad Boy Buggies Eric Bondy. “We’ve worked hard to develop a vehicle that requires no compromise between the silent operation needed to stalk the day’s trophy kill, and the power, range and performance necessary to navigate the toughest conditions and longest days in the field.”

The Ambush iS will be available in a two-passenger model with a 9.6-cubic-foot cargo bed, or a four-passenger model with a rear-facing back seat. The Ambush iS is available in matte black, matte green, flame red,  Realtree Max-4 camouflage, or in Realtree’s newest camouflage pattern, Realtree Xtra.

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5 Responses to Bad Boy Buggies Ambush iS New Generation of 4x4 Hunting UTV

Kongdingy wrote:
January 23, 2015

my wife purchased a leftover 2013 ambush. The mor I use it the more I love it. I drive it in gas mode and when I get near my hunting spot I move in in gas mode. I actually park it in the brush right by my stand. Don't really know why but I've seen more deer from the stand than I ever did before I got it. I assume I'm leaving less scent.

DeeAnn Massey wrote:
November 16, 2014

I would be interested to find out what your opinion of this UTV is now that it has been out a year.

Dan Bowmaster wrote:
October 15, 2013

The Bad Boy Buggy line appears to be completely different from what they were years ago. I have tested both the Recoil iS and the Ambush and they have come a long way in listening to what hunters want. Like the great hunter's say. 'If they hear ya,you 're not're just hoping'!

RyDaddy wrote:
August 30, 2013

I think the marketing is just fine; not everyone is close enough to their hunting spot to walk to it. Even my spot, while I can walk, its a 30min walk, then I still need to get through the woods to the stand and hope by then I am not a sweaty mess that will stink the place up. But to drive a truck back there lets every deer in a 5-mile radius know I am there. To get in in electric mode would not be a 'direct' stalk of the animal, as you imply, but the complete lack of noise or odor that gets me to my stand would certainly qualify as adding to my 'stalk'.

John wrote:
August 30, 2013

Hunting ATV? What I use is my two feet. Electric mode to stalk the day's trophy kill. (Quote from VP Eric Bondy). Please.Maybe I will just drive around at night and spotlight from my pickup. Anyone ever hear of fair chase? It might be a good vehicle but the marketing sucks.