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Ted Nugent Joins Mathews Pro Staff

Rock legend Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane have joined Mathews Pro Staff team.

Ted Nugent, rock legend and NRA Board member, has joined the Mathews pro staff along with his wife Shemane. Mathews Inc. President Stephen McPherson said, "Nugent is dedicated to preserving our great outdoor heritage for future generations and we are proud to welcome him and wife Shemane to Team Mathews!"

Nugent can be seen on his award-winning show on the Outdoor Channel, "Spirit of the Wild," using his Creed bow, and Shemane is hunting with a Mathews Jewel. “The mystical flight of the arrow has always been a guiding force for my quality of life and now Mathews has truly supercharged the hunt!" said Nugent, "I’m proud to be a part of a company who stands up for our God-given rights and makes equipment second to none. I just love my new Creed and don’t think I’ve ever shot this accurate in my entire bowhunting life!”

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1 Response to Ted Nugent Joins Mathews Pro Staff

Erik wrote:
August 14, 2013

Wander what the series of events were leading up to this?