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Cabela's Announces New ColorPhase Technology Camouflage

Cabela's announces an innovative new camouflage, ColorPhase Technology, made with rapid-change, temperature-activated dyes.

Cabela's will release an innovative new camouflage technology called ColorPhase. The ColorPhase technology is the first camo clothing printed with rapid-change, temperature-activated dyes, allowing certain camo patterns to switch from green to brown, and vice-versa, depending upon the temperature.

When the temperature drops below 65 degrees, the camouflage becomes more brown and gray to blend with the colder conditions. In mild temperatures the dyes activate certain elements of the pattern to become a vivid green to blend with the foliage. Other factors that can affect the color change are body heat, sunlight, moisture and wind. ColorPhase is used exclusively in Cabela's new camo patterns: Zonz Woodlands and Zonz Western, and is available in a limited number of garments.

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