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Octane Releases Thug Reusable Decocking Bolt

Octane has released the Thug, a reusable decocking crossbow bolt designed to help improve safety in the field.


Octane, a division of Bowtech, has released the Thug, a reusable decocking crossbow bolt that helps to raise field safety. The new accessory is specifically designed to ensure that bolts aren't compromised when unloading a crossbow.

The innovative Thug features a tip that is specially designed for shooting the ground and not penetrating, making it possible to reuse many times. A dampening chamber comes behind the tip with an inner piston to compress and absorb energy upon impact. The shaft is made with thick-walled aluminum for ensured durability. The Thug also features a new universal nock simplifies alignment, eliminates nock damage and minimizes dry fire.

The Thug has an MSRP of $29.99 and is compatible with any crossbow that requires 20-inch bolts.

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