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Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Includes GameFinder Software

With the addition of GameFinder software, the PlotWatcher Pro makes it easier than ever for users to access and share video and stills.


The Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro is already well-known for its four-month battery life and its ability to capture images in HD video format. Day 6 Outdoors has announced that an updated version of the PlotWatcher is on the way, featuring GameFinder software that will provide trail camera users even more to drool over.

GameFinder software with Motion Search comes as a feature of the PlotWatcher Pro. The software helps you review a large amount of images—one set of batteries takes about 1 million photos—much more quickly. The video player software allows you to quickly access the frames with motion, so you'll spend less time pouring through empty footage. Users can also switch to a frame-by-frame setting, if required. The software also makes it a breeze to save and share clips and images.

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