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Stuff You Want: Eye Shields

For protection from the sun, flying shards or the penetrating gazes of your poker buddies, wear eye protection. Just don’t think your kid will suddenly think you’re cool.


Alphawing specs from military-grade eyewear manufacturer Revision feature stainless steel frames in a classic aviator design. Z80 lenses ensure they are safe for shooting, while your ugly face ensures no one will mistake you for Tom Cruise. MSRP: $169.

Costa isn’t just for fishermen anymore with its new sunglass line made in Realtree camo. The Costa Double Haul uses the company’s 580P (polycarbonate) polarized lens that offers great protection from debris and violent UV rays. Lenses (excluding the Sunrise tint shown) can be special ordered to your RX. Multiple lens colors are available in glass or polycarbonate. MSRP: $179-$259.

Duck Commander Ballistic glasses are available in tinted lenses, or clear for eye protection when riding an ATV or boat to your honey hole way back in the sticks. The foam-lined lenses are Z87-plus rated and, with the elastic strap installed instead of the ear stems, they act as goggles. MSRP: $29.

For those of us who haven’t reached that splendid age when we don’t give a dang what we look like, there is Nunzio from Serengeti—eyewear that not only looks cool but makes the world appear cooler when looking through it. It features ultra-lightweight frames and polarized, RX-able Trivex lenses, the strongest and clearest eyeglass material to date. MSRP: $239.

Sixty-four percent of American adults wear prescription eyeglasses, but if you think most of those glasses will stand up to flying debris, you are mistaken. The NRA Store has a solution with its OTG (Over The Glasses) eyewear that features ANSI z87.1 protection from all angles. MSRP: $19.

Bolle’s Smart shades offer great wrap-around eye protection with their optional-colored polymer lenses, and great vision enhancement in a sporty, streamlined look at relatively modest cost. Oleophobic coating makes water bead up and run off, and polarized lenses allow you to see into water. MSRP: $99.

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