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Millennium Announces M150 Monster HangOn

Millennium's latest treestand offers maximum mobility and is equipped with the company's CamLock Receiver system.


Millennium Treestands has announced the release of its new M150 Monster HangOn. Similar to the M100, the M150 is designed with an adjustable seat height and allows for 15 degrees of lean for tree-angle adjustment.

The M150 weighs in at 19.5 lbs., making it ideal for a hunter that appreciate mobility in the field. The adjustable seat height can be set between 17- and 20-inches, and the Monster's lightweight frame has a 37" x 24" platform that's designed to allow hunters to comfortably and confidently position themselves.

The Monster uses the CamLock Receiver system, which allows for multiple stand locations to be preset, making changing locations quick and simple. Hunters can secure the CamLock receiver to a tree, hoist the M150 up and then slide its aluminum stabilizing post into the receiver. Additional receivers can be installed in other locations.

The stand also offers a 300-pound weight limit.

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