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Montana Decoy Introduces New Moose Decoy

Montana Decoy's new Moose II is lightweight, easy to deploy and based on the photograph of a moose in the wild.


Montana Decoy has announced the release of its new Moose II Decoy. Designed using an actual photo of a moose in the wild, the Moose II is lightweight and easy to deploy.

The decoy weighs in at just 40 ounces, with leg poles. It stands 66-inches tall, and can fold into a 20-inch circle, making it easy to transport.

"We are always trying to improve our designs by listening to user feedback," Jerry McPherson, Montana Decoy founder, said. "While our original Moose decoy worked great, a lot of hunters wanted a more broadside look and the Moose II provides that along with a darker look."

The Moose II ships with an MSRP of 109.99.

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