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Bushnell Outdoors Releases PowerSync USB Port

The new PowerSync line offers a variety of solar- and battery-operated portable power sources for the on-the-go hunter and outdoorsman or woman.


Bushnell Outdoors has introduced a new portable power product line that's tailored to suit both solar and battery devices in its PowerSync.

Featuring a variety lightweight, rugged and portable products, the PowerSync line provides power on demand through a simple plug-and-play USB port. The solar line is fitted with advanced amorphous silicon thin film solar technology that performs in less than full sunlight and collects energy more efficiently, while the battery line includes four products—including three that feature high-capacity lithium ion batteries.

The PowerSync line is designed with the off-the-grid hunter and outdoorsman or woman in mind. Be it a weekend in the woods or a backcountry hunt, PowerSync is meant to provide a reliable and easily transportable power supply.

The solar line is made up of three products: the SolarBook, the SolarWrap and the SolarWrap Mini. The SolarBook features a large solar collection capacity and dual lithium-ion batteries, packing the most power in the line. The SolarWrap offers moderate solar capacity in a rollable design that's mean for maximum portability. The SolarWrap mini takes that a step further, featuring an ultra-compact design that can be deployed on a pack for on-the-go solar collection.

The battery line features the Power Charger, which hosts two USB ports and a nighttime field light; the Battery Bar, a lightweight, easy to stow backup battery options; as well as the Battery Charger, featuring four rechargeable AA batteries, which can also recharge devices through a USB.

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