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Remington Expands Ammunition Operations

Big Green has plans to add a new building to its ammunition operations, beginning sometime during the second quarter of 2013.


Remington Arms Company, LLC has announced plans to expand operations at the Remington Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Ark. Work on the expansion, which will include the construction of a new building, is expected to begin second quarter of 2013.  The $32 million expansion plan is projected to be in operation by the second quarter of 2014.

“We are proud to provide job growth within communities that have supported us for so many years, while meeting the increasing global demand for superior ammunition products,” said Jim Grahlmann, Lonoke Plant Manager. “This expansion reinforces our commitment to deliver the finest quality products for our customers.”

“We continue to invest in all of our manufacturing operations because we are committed to ensuring quality, increasing product availability and improving on-time delivery,” said Kevin Miniard, Chief Operating Officer of Remington. “This significant investment in Lonoke is a testament to that commitment. Our customers can count on Remington to invest in its manufacturing operations in order to ensure that its facilities are state-of-the art and its employees are the best in the industry.”

The Remington Ammunition Plant, established in 1969, designs and manufactures leading ammunition products with superior craftsmanship.

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16 Responses to Remington Expands Ammunition Operations

Stephen Roberts wrote:
January 18, 2014

Now that the EPA has made it nearly impossible to produce lead bullets what are Remington and other manufacturers plans for mass producing non lead bullets?

Mitch Barkett wrote:
May 17, 2013

I hope they sell some to the general public and cut their ties to big brother.

James Maxwell wrote:
May 15, 2013

This is the first sign that the gun and ammo manufacturers are listening to the consumers. From the time of the ammo shortage to construction and production takes time but they have listened to those who enjoy hunting and shooting to meet our needs. Thanks Remington.

Phill wrote:
May 15, 2013

This is great news IF they sell to the public and NOT the government

Robert beech wrote:
May 15, 2013

Always owned a Remington ,but it,s bad when you can,t even find 22 LR? Throw a dog a bone

Len wrote:
May 15, 2013

... for Govt. contract?

Brian wrote:
May 15, 2013

Will Remington reserve quantities of ammo for private citizens at an affordable price?

Tom K wrote:
May 14, 2013

Can we start a lottery as to when Obama shuts them down? He does not want us to have Guns and Ammo to fight his Dictatorial Takeover...

Mike wrote:
May 14, 2013

Too bad Remington likes to dance with the Devil, signing gun contracts with oppressive anti-Second Amendment states like New York. Save your money to buy ammunition from a reputable company.

mrsgunnut10 wrote:
May 14, 2013

Way to go Remington, Congratulations on your decision. Now the question is : Where are the other Manufacturers of Ammunition ? Are they going to expand their Facilities as well. Another suggestion would be to limit Obama's Government Orders of Ammunition if that is possible. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

Jerry wrote:
May 14, 2013

Let's hear it for the 2nd Amendment. Keep up the good work...

kds wrote:
May 14, 2013

When are they going to move their firearms manufacturing out of NEW YORK?

Gary L Perry wrote:
May 14, 2013

We know why Remington is not expanding their facility in upstate NY. Thanks Governor Cuomo for a hostile business climate and a hostile Second Amendment climate.

Lou wrote:
May 14, 2013

They should do something with the money they got from the taxpayers to provide $80 million worth of sniper rifles to the govt. for who nows what. take a page out of Ronnie Barretts book guys. Thanx for the support Remington. Will not buy another product you manufacture.

Steve Mokren wrote:
May 14, 2013

They and others could get caught up much quicker if they would fill civilian orders before the feds.

Lamar wrote:
May 14, 2013

Great news I need some 300 blk to hunt with