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Winchester Offering Sales Tax Rebate for Limited Time

Winchester Repeating Arms products purchased between April 15 and April 30, 2013 will be eligible for rebates of up to 8 percent of the purchase price.


Winchester Repeating Arms is working to help its customers catch a little breather this tax season, and there's only a short window during which you can take advantage of it. Winchester firearms purchased between April 15 and April 30, 2013 will be eligible to receive a rebate of up to 8 percent of the purchase price—which should provide reimbursement for any state sales tax incurred.

The offer is valid only on the consumer retail purchase of a new Winchester firearm purchased between April 15, 2013 and April 30, 2013. To qualify for your sales tax reimbursement, a Winchester-issued coupon must be filled out completely and returned to Winchester Repeating Arms with the supporting documents as listed, postmarked no later than midnight May 15, 2013. The form will be available for download on Winchester's website beginning on April 15.

Winchester invites customers that live in states with no sales tax to submit their coupon and purchase information for special consideration.

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2 Responses to Winchester Offering Sales Tax Rebate for Limited Time

John Booth wrote:
April 10, 2013

Well, as Winchester has been out of business since 2006, I'd be hesitant to put the old girl out to pasture unless you really want to retire her. You could try Uberti or Browning; they make lever actions and I know Browning (they call them BLR's) has one in .243. Henry also makes a good product; I've dealt with them a time or two; excellent customer service. When they were still NY, I had a problem trying to locate a scope mount for their new .30 .30 at the time. Their President himself e-mailed me back with the proper scope mount info! How cool is that? Either way, whatever you do, good luck with your hunt for a new rifle. Respectfully; John

Harold Cohick wrote:
April 09, 2013

In 1964 I purchased a Model 88 .243. I have used it every single deer season since that year. It still shoots and functions magnificiently and what a group I can get at 100 yards, impressive. I am now 70 years old and am thinking of replacing that level action rifle. What is your suggestion, that gun has become a part of my body during hunting season. I will exchange this rifle with a lot of apprehension..... Respectfully, HE Cohick