Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tip Specs

If the bullet fails to do its job, nothing else matters. So why gamble by using anything less than the best?

Bullet Type: bonded lead core, solid boattail base w/rings; 95-5 gilding metal jacket; polymer tip

Coating: nickel

B.C: .500 (180-grain, .30-cal.)

Calibers/Loads Available: 270 Win. (130 gr.); 270 WSM (130 gr.); 270 Wby. (130 gr.); 7mm Rem. Mag. (160 gr.); 7mm Wby. (160 gr.); 7mm WSM (160 gr.); .280 Rem. (160 gr.); 30-06 Sprgfld. (165, 180 gr.); .308 Win. (165, 180 gr.) .300 Win. Mag. (180 gr.) .300 WSM (180 gr.); 300 H&H (180 gr.); .300 Wby. (180 gr.)

MSRP per box of 20 cartridges: 
.30-06 Sprgfld., 180-gr. Trophy Bonded Tip-$30



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1 Response to Federal Premium Trophy Bonded Tip Specs

mitchell shaw wrote:
March 26, 2011

would like to buy some federal premium trophy bonded tip component bullets. in 270 cal. 130 gr. for 270 wsm. but can not find a dealer that has them.can you help me?