Ruger Compact Magnum Specs

This is a great bullet for deer and antelope, but it may be too soft for moose, elk, bear and other tough game.

Cartridge Type: centerfire rifle

Product Line: Hornady Custom

Bullet: SST (polymer-tipped, jacketed lead core, boattail)

Case Capacity: .300 RCM-72.7 grs. water; .338 RCM-70.1 grs. water

Overall Case Length:
.300 RCM-2.100"; .338 RCM-2.015"

Overall Cartridge Length:
.300 RCM-2.825"; .338 RCM-2.830"

Advertised Velocity of Available Calibers/Weights:
.300 RCM (20" barrel), 150-gr. SST-3170 fps, 165-gr. SST-3030 fps, 180-gr. SST-2900 fps; .338 RCM (20" barrel), 200-gr. SST-2850 fps, 225-gr. SST-2710 fps

MSRP per box of 20: .300 RCM-$42; .338 RCM-$51



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1 Response to Ruger Compact Magnum Specs

Dave wrote:
February 19, 2015

The longer GMX 150 gr. costs about 237 fps, per the printed blurb on the cartridge boxes. I picked up a left hand Ruger 300 RCM to use as a donor for my 243 x 300 RCM wildcat cartridge. This has a capacity in between the 240 Ackley and the 240 Gibbs, which are also both wildcats. Shooting the factory ammo in my Ruger Compact Magnum is surprisingly sedate, for what it does. But, for me, this factory rifle needed the ultra high rings, as well as a $45 trigger job, leaving me with a 2.8 lb. pull, and no creep. But its still on the chopping block to be my 243 Wildcat's donor rifle. Right now its fatal flaw is that you can securely fit 4 rounds into its magazine, but then when the top round strips, its case head sinks down like a duck taking off from a pond, and profoundly jams up, halfway out of the feed rails. So the factory follower needs a shim so that only three rounds will fit down into the mag. box.