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The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide

The antidote to today's politically correct assault on masculinity--on hunting, gun ownership and more.


Theodore Roosevelt said, "Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtue, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail." So we believe he would have thought The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide by Frank Miniter mandatory reading. Indeed, we found this book to be the antidote to today's politically correct assault on masculinity-on hunting, on gun ownership, on manly vices and bravado. It's loaded with skills for survival, hunting, heroism, athleticism and chivalry. And it's not a crass read; rather, it's an enlightening, entertaining how-to guide to being both a gentleman and a man of action.

Broken into six sections(survivor, provider, athlete, hero, gentleman and philosopher) each segment draws on real men's know-how and philosophies to create a book all men should read; for example, Special Forces Sgt. Greg Stube explains what a hero is; G. Gordon Liddy tells how he overcame his fears; Juan Macho narrates how to run with the bulls; and UFC champ Matt Hughes gives his deadliest self-defense techniques. Meanwhile, the mantras and deeds of history's greatest men, such as Theodore Roosevelt, Cicero and Winston Churchill, are brought to life to give all of us examples to emulate.

Along the way are the codes of honor that always made men into men (at least until this relativistic, sissified age) such as Sir Thomas Mallory's Knight's Code of Chivalry, The Texas Ranger's Code of Conduct, the Samurai's Code of Bushido, Benjamin Franklin's 13 Rules of Improvement and many more. Such codes have always been fundamental to men; after all, explains this book, the ultimate man isn't someone who needs to be bailed out; no, he's a man who gives to charity but thinks being a charity case is something to endeavor not to be. In an age when we have a tax cheat running the IRS, this book shows men how to get their honor back. Indeed, it shows us how to have a hell of a time again, as being such a man is honest and upstanding, but also iconic and gutsy. We recommend you buy a copy for yourself or for your father or son this Father's Day. It's available at and wherever books are sold.

The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide
($26.95, Regnery Publishing, 224 pages, hard cover)
By Frank Miniter, Executive Field Editor, American Hunter


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