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And the Golden Bullseye Goes To…

To receive a prestigious NRA Golden Bullseye Award, a product must be the best of the best.

Manufacturers continually move the benchmark forward as they launch new products each year, which makes selecting the best of the best no easy task. To receive a prestigious NRA Golden Bullseye Award, a product must be field-tested and reported on in our magazines; be innovative; and it must provide hunters with genuine value for their money. If you attend the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Phoenix this month, visit these manufacturers' booths to see firsthand why their products won over the scrutinizing NRA Publications Selection Committee.

Rifle of the Year:
Remington R-15
VTR Predator

Remington intrigued us all when it introduced its AR-style R-15 VTR Predator, returning us to the days when sporter versions of military rifles were considered favorite hunting guns. Developed for the predator hunter, the R-15 is available in .223 Rem. and .204 Ruger, and sports controls identical to the AR-15, including a forward bolt assist. Its out-of-the-box accuracy, opportunity for fast follow-up shots and hunt-specific features-including a clean-breaking single-stage trigger, receiver-length Picatinny rail, brass deflector and ergonomic pistol grip-cemented our choice. During testing, an R-15 in .204 Ruger with a 22-inch barrel fired its tightest group at .79 inch.

The rifle ships with a five-round magazine but handles large-capacity military magazines. It is also available with an 18-inch barrel and a collapsible stock Remington calls its Predator Carbine.

Shotgun of the Year: Beretta SV10 Perennia

News of the SV10 Perennia traveled fast, and word had it correctly that Beretta had created one of the most innovative over/unders in years. The monobloc's side-locking shoulders, their seats on the receiver and the hinge pins are larger, and the rear lugs feature deeper curves for added strength. The automatic safety and selector lever were redesigned, as were extractors  that now contact a larger surface area on shell rims. High marks also go to the low-profile receiver, which enhances field of view, and the fore-end iron, which houses a mechanism eliminating wiggle room between the forearm, barrels and receiver. Its titanium trigger is field-replaceable; reshaped stock inletting extends well into the receiver's sides; and the semi-beavertail fore-end ensures a solid grip. Available with the recoil-reducing Kick-Off system, the SV10 comes in 12-gauge with 26- or 28-inch barrels.

2009 Pioneer Award: J.B. and Robert E. Hodgdon

As officers of the Hodgdon Powder Company, brothers J.B., left, and Robert E. Hodgdon have worked for nearly 60 years in the company founded by their father, Bruce, impacting our sport through an array of smokeless and blackpowder substitute propellants. Today Pyrodex and Triple 7 are household names, and the company continues to bring new products to market. In the name of innovation and exemplary achievement, we spotlight this duo's profound success.

Vehicle of the Year: Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4

The Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4 is the highest-performance ATV in its class. Powered by a 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin engine, it displaces 749cc and features Kawasaki's Variable Front Differential Control that delivers torque equally to the front wheels. An independent rear suspension system and front driveshafts feature ATV cardan joints to absorb torque fluctuations and provide 10.6 inches of ground clearance. Four bulb headlamps are an industry first. And if all that's not enough, the NRA Outdoors edition is clad in more Advantage MAX-I HD camouflage than any other ATV.

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