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This gear is sure to help you take that next limit, put a big buck on the wall, or just give you an excuse to have some fresh fun!

Range Relief

Practice on a pistol or rifle range is often anything but a fast-paced activity. The most time-consuming aspect of all? Changing targets. Don't waste another minute. Check out the Hi-Caliber Sharp Shooter tri-reset from Do-All Outdoors. It's great for high-power rifles, because these bulls-eyes take poundings from bores up to .30-06 (which also makes it great for .44 Mag. hunting handguns). Want to practice your moving-target skills? You can do so and bring a little bit of the old arcade back to life at the same time with the Caldwell Shootin' Gallery Target System. Good for use with standard velocity .22s , the system's four auto-resetting orange bulls-eyes are motor-driven left to right across the top of the façade. The whole thing is portable, and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Got a shotgun but missing a shooting partner? Then give the Trius One-Step Trap a try. You can actually cock and discharge this trap with your foot, leaving your hands free to mount, swing, and take out a double of orange discs. Go to;;

Fish On!

I know, this website is American Hunter, and huntin' ain't fishin'. But archery tackle, now there's something that can swing both ways. Take, for instance, the Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit from PSE Archery. This camo-clad recurve can get you to hunting season just fine, and also help you go put a hurtin' on an alligator gar or two in the off-season. The kit includes the bow, a front-mounted reel with 50 yards of 80-lb. test line, a roller arrow rest, and its own special arrows and Sting-A-Ree angling point. Available in 40-, 45-, and 50-lb. draw weights, this complete bowfishing setup is wallet-friendly, too. Go to

The Tamer

If you're planning a hunt for dangerous game, be it grizzly or elephant, hippo or lion, you know your gun must get the job done, no questions asked. Those big-bores, though, are tough on the shoulder when getting sighted in. Take the flinch out with the Hyskore Dangerous Game Machine Rest. Thanks to nitrogen-filled dampers you match to loads from .223 to .416 Rigby, this ingenious rest takes recoil from almost any caliber down to just about nothing, and returns your gun to battery on the order of +/- 3 MOA after each shot. There's even a remote trigger release included, which takes the "you" factor entirely out of a sighting-in session. Don't you want the peace of mind, when you're staring into the nostrils of a charging Cape buff, that the gun in your hand is going to shoot exactly where you're aiming? Go to

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