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This is not a glorification of the kill, but an exhibit showcasing men, women and youths who honestly love hunting.

Sure our annual showcase of NRA member trophies is filled with hunters who bagged dream bucks and bulls, but it’s also overflowing with generations getting together to enjoy a real connection to nature, a bond every son and daughter should experience at least once. We hope these photos inspire you to keep taking great shots this season. Download the full article (straight from the magazine) below.


As an online exclusive, we are highlighting stories from two of our members featured in the June issue of American Hunter. These are only two of hundreds of narratives and photos we received and, trust us, it was hard to pick and choose. So, keep sending your tales of dream hunts and once-in-a-lifetime encounters, as we will continue to post them all year round at AmericanHunter.org.

A Member's Story: Buddy and Me

As with many kids who grew up in Snyder County, Pa., in the 70s and 80s, hunting was a big part of life. The game and opportunities to hunt them were plentiful. But it wasn’t until my late teens that I was introduced to hunting rabbits with a dog. My friend Troy owned a beagle named Buck, and after witnessing the sights and sounds of a rabbit hunt, I dreamed of having my own hunting dog one day. In 1995 that dream became reality......

A Member's Story: A Suprise Ending

In April of 2008, I was fortunate enough to draw a permit for Minnesota’s turkey hunting season. The first morning I went out with my dad I was not able to connect with a Tom, but it certainly was a thrill watching three jakes walk 10 yards in front of us. The second morning I went out by myself. I set up a single hen decoy and started yelping around 6:15 a.m. A mighty gobble bellowed back, so I put the call on the ground and readied myself......

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