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Ducks Dig the HighBall

When we tried out these duck and goose calls, we knew our lanyards would never be complete without them.

1.) Hunter's Specialties scored big with the acquisition of Calef Calls, as evidenced by the NeckBreaker, a sweet-sounding, hand-tuned single-reed duck call. ($87; 319-395-0321;

2.) Zink Calls' Double Magnum, the latest addition to the Power Hen line, is a raspy double-reed that's big on volume. ($125; 877-LEG-BAND;

3.) RNT's Microhen is a 3¾-inch single-reed that mimics a young hen. ($65-$100; 888-RNTCALL;

4.) The Honky Tonk, a short-reed goose call from Primos, is easily blown and has a patented design to prevent sticking. ($33;

5.) Five-time world champion Tim Grounds personally hand-tunes every goose call to leave his shop, including his latest short-reed design, The Real Thang. ($135; 618-983-5649;

6.) Haydel's Carbon Kwacker is a controllable double-reed that won't get lost in the crowd. ($50; 318-746-3586;

7.) Primos' 3-Call Lanyard may not have been designed to equip the half-dozen calls shown, but then again, humans weren't designed to sling decoys at 4 a.m. ($13;

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