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Penny-Pincher Hunts: Caribou

If today’s economy has you and your family second-guessing every expenditure, we’ve got your back with 10 quality, yet affordable, hunts.

This hunt may not sound like a penny-pinching option, but before you skip ahead, start calculating what comes in this super-sized, semiguided hunt. Various companies, such as Ungava Adventures, offer do-it-yourself hunts for Quebec Labrador caribou tagged with the comforts of a complete camp and numerous hunts springboard from the Quebec community of Kuujjuaq via a short flight.

Six-day hunts kick off in mid-August when temperatures may be 50 degrees or warmer; nevertheless, plan for at least one bout of early winter conditions. You may haphazardly arrive when a camp is surrounded by migrating caribou, but plan to hike 6 to 10 miles a day in relatively flat and low elevation settings.

Packages include motels in Montreal and air service from Montreal to camp, plus meals, hot showers and a warm, comfortable bunk in a tundra shanty. Camp staff directs you to traditional hunting locations armed with a map or can guide you into the tundra. Besides keeping you in hot meals, staffers also help pack animals out and prepare meat and antlers for the return home.
Here’s the real kicker: Packages include two bulls and for a minimal fee you can add on ptarmigan, lake trout and even black bear. Do it all for less than $6,000. The ptarmigan and lake trout fishing is phenomenal and provides tasty hors d’oeuvres. Research, call references and negotiate prices. “Let’s make a deal” is alive in well and may lead to an exceptional hunt for a bargain price.

Contact Information:
Quebec Minister of Natural Resources,; Ungava Adventures, 866-444-3445,

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