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Easily navigable, the Remington Custom Shop Web site makes selecting your custom firearm easier than ever.

Remington Custom Shop on the Web
Legendary accuracy is the standard of every Remington firearm, but there is a level of precision and unrivaled performance available exclusively from the Remington Custom Shop. Now selecting your next custom firearm, or your first, is only a click away. Remington is pleased to introduce a dedicated Custom Shop website

Easily navigable, the Remington Custom Shop web site allows the viewer to browse through series of highly specialized rifles and shotguns. Enter the Custom Showcase for a photographic view into the Remington Custom Shop, highlighting the personal attention our skilled technicians and gunsmiths invest in every gun produced there.

Scent Safe Bucket Seat Cover

Hunter's Specialties has solved two problems at once with the introduction of their new Scent Safe Bucket Seat Cover for vehicles. Now hunters don't have to worry about getting mud, stains, or scents onto their vehicles seats. The seat covers also stop the transfer of odors from the seat to the hunter, helping you stay scent-free on the way to your favorite hunting spot. The Scent Safe Bucket Seat Cover is constructed of rugged nylon and features the exclusive Foil Scent-Safe Barrier. For more visit
Rinehart Mountain Grizzly Bear Target
Any avid bowhunter can tell you that relying on animal instincts alone won't bring home a real mountain grizzly. The innovators at Rinehart Targets want to make sure you know exactly what the outcome will be when faced with the real life grizzly. That's why they have provided bowhunters with a tough, realistic mountain grizzly target that can withstand a steady stream of practice shots. Standing tall at an impressive 60" H with a simulated weight of 300 lbs, and measuring 23" across the chest, the Rinehart Mountain Grizzly Bear provides the enthusiast with a realistic practice experience. For more visit

Xplor'r Double and Single Emergency Shelters
Getting lost in the wilderness is never a situation that we plan on. Jim Solomon, Co-host of Xplor the Outdoors radio knows this full well. After many years in the outdoors Jim was determined to come up with a shelter that could be either stuffed in a daypack or hunting pack. The result was a convertible lean-to known as the Xplor'r Double and Xplor'r Single Emergency Shelters. Both Xplor'r models are designed with a floor that stakes down to keep you off the ground, a side wedge to prevent the wind from getting in at the head of the unit and a roof that ties to the nearby vegetation to keep off the rain and snow. For more visit

Gorilla Gear Debuts Next Generation of Ground Blinds
Gorilla Gear, a new line of hunting blinds and accessories designed to provide an undeniable advantage in the field, introduces the Quick Strike Series of ground blinds. The new lightweight blinds feature a fiberglass frame design that is easier to set-up and takedown compared to traditional spring steel designs.Designed with the hunter in mind, the Quick Strike series features an advanced fiberglass rod frame design that delivers increased interior space and offers more room than traditional pop-up blinds at significantly less weight. In addition the 8-sided blinds feature whisper quiet fabric, ShadowBlocker lined interiors, and a convenient backpack carrying bag. For more visit

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