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Two Great Offers from CVA

CVA looks to set a precedence in customer service with two new offers on the Accura and Electra muzzleloaders.

As firearms manufacturers struggle to compete in the complicated and volatile muzzleloader market, CVA is making an effort to stand out. With two new offers that tout “accuracy guaranteed or your money back,” the company that boasts America’s No. 1 muzzleloader is stepping up its customer service game.

CVA is committed to maintaining a spirit of dedication to its customers as well as the sport of muzzleloading. So, for the upcoming months they are offering some extra-special deals on two of their muzzleloaders—the Accura and the Electra.

According to CVA your new Accura muzzleloader will come with this great offer:

Buy an ACCURA between now and September 1, 2009. Test fire the gun for up to 18 days after the purchase date. If the ACCURA is not the most accurate break-action muzzleloader you've ever shot, just return the cleaned and undamaged gun, along with the retail purchase receipt to: CVA ACCURA TEST FIRE, 5988 Peachtree Corners East, Norcross, GA 30071. The full purchase price will be refunded to you by check within 2 weeks. Note: The return package must be postmarked within 18 days of the purchase date noted on the retail receipt.

Your Electra will come with this offer:

We’re so confident in the ELECTRA that we’re giving you a Money-Back Guarantee! Just buy an Electra and our recommended powder and bullet (IMR White Hot Pellets and PowerBelt 295 grain AeroTip bullets), then test fire this deadly combo for up to two weeks. If you don’t agree that you’ve got the fastest loading, easiest cleaning and most accurate muzzleloader you’ve ever shot, CVA will refund you the purchase price of your ELECTRA. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Interested now? Watch American Hunter Editor-in-Chief Scott Olmsted chat with President and COO of Blackpowder Products Inc. Nate Treadaway about the two great new offers.

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