2009 Elk Forecast: Northeast U.S.

Pennslyvania stands alone in this region, but that shouldn't get you down.

Among this look at forecasts from top states and provinces for total elk populations, the Norhteastern U.S. doesn't have much to brag about. Pennslyvania remains the lone state studied and there aren't many tags to go around. But keep your heads up on the east coast, you can always take a trip out west. What fun is a backyard elk hunt anyway? 

A long, cold, difficult winter with limited mast crops stressed Pennsylvania’s elk herds. Although some calf mortality was observed, biologist Jon DeBerti doesn’t believe it will significantly impact elk numbers.

Pennsylvania’s elk are found in the north‑central portion of the state with Elk and Cameron counties accounting for most of the harvest. The state offers around 50 elk tags, with roughly 30 percent of those for bulls. A significant portion of the elk taken by hunters comes from private land, but hunting is also good on the state forests. If planning to hunt public land, check to see how much land is available in a particular zone before applying for a tag.

Check out our interactive elk map for state-by-state populations, tag costs, bull to cow ratios and more.

Courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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