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Getting it Tax Free

Louisiana hunters and shooters can purchase guns and gear sales-tax free for three days in September.

Hunting and shooting can be expensive. In fact, when you add up the price of guns, ammunition, tree stands, decoys, clothing, calls, boots and optics, they can be quite expensive. And that is before the store clerk adds in state and local sales tax.

Hoping to boost local economies and promote hunting by making it easier to get started, the Louisiana Legislature created the Second Amendment Weekend tax-free holiday and scheduled it for Friday Sept. 4 through Sunday Sept. 6, 2009, in time for the start of Louisiana's hunting season.

Louisiana is the second state, behind South Carolina in 2008, to create a tax-free holiday for firearms and ammunition, but Louisiana went two steps further and added hunting equipment and eliminated local sales taxes for the holiday. During the Second Amendment Holiday, hunters can also purchased boats and ATVs, along with smaller items such as hunting clothing, calls and firearm cases without taxes being added to the purchase price.

"Hunting and shooting greatly contribute to national, state and local economies," said Joe Graham, NRA Publications Executive Director. "Tax-free holidays such as this one, increases sales, which in turn have a beneficial effect on the overall economic cycle for manufacturers, retailers and consumers."

According to the Louisiana Department of Revenue, the Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday will be an annual event held on the first consecutive Friday through Sunday in September and will eliminate both state and local sales tax for firearms, ammunition and hunting equipment.

The rule LAC 61;I.4425 was written to include straight purchases, items put in layaway for future purchase, items withdrawn from layaway during that weekend and items ordered that weekend that will be delivered after the Second Amendment Holiday ends.

Louisiana Sen. Rob Marionneaux authored the law and proposed a second firearms and hunting equipment tax-free holiday for November, but Gov. Bobby Jindal vetoed that section before signing the bill and making it law.

Many states have tax-free holidays for purchasing clothing and needed school supplies, and two states (Louisiana and South Carolina) have created similar holidays for shooters and hunters. Louisiana is taking theirs into the future.

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