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Welcome to our groundbreaking new blog.

Over the past year, NRA Publications' editors have traveled as far north as British Columbia and as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. We've chased mule deer, antelope, waterfowl, whitetails and Stone sheep. Sure, it's a job, but moreover it's our passion. We live to hunt, and it's about time you came along.

Surf around the brand new AH Journal Location Map below using Google Earth and pinpoint our exact location, learn about where we were and read firsthand accounts of our adventures. Click on one of the AH Journal markers and you're there.

Feel free to find your own dream destination and let us know exactly where that might be. We're all american hunters, and the season never ends.

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Your right-now, right-here hunting fix is in full swing, as our editors trek all over the country in various pursuits. Here’s our current roundup:

The Last Five Entries
South Dakota Turkeys
Who: Ben O'Brien, Asst. Online Hunting Editor
Where: Belvidere, S.D.
When: April 28-31
Preparation: Ben O'Brien travels from Washington D.C. to Belvidere, S.D., in search of the first two Merriam's turkeys of his life. This three-day affair will see some 15 or so hunters come through the camp, and the hunters are hoping to fill every tag.

Prairie Pentathlon II
: AH Blogger Dave Campbell 
Where: Glenrock, Wyo.
When: Jan. 12-14
Game: Pheasants and Pronghorn
Preparation: Last year during the first Prairie Pentathlon, Team NRA, consisting of Chad Adams and Kyle Wintersteen, pulled out a last-minute win by scoring exceptionally well on pronghorn at extended range. This year I was tagged to uphold the NRA's honor. 


A Trophy Duck Hunt

Who: Senior Associate Editor Kyle Wintersteen
Where: Seadrift, Texas
When: Jan. 1-4
Game: Ducks
Preparation: Guide Harold Dworaczyk of the Bay Flats Lodge  had the decoys out long before legal shooting time. Noting the slight crosswind, Harold placed 5-7 dozen puddle duck, redhead and bluebill decoys upwind to the right of the blind and 3-4 dozen downwind to the left. The blind was on a point that jutted out into the Bay, and he left a hole in front. We expected mostly diving ducks (redheads and a few bluebills), but this was obviously more of a puddle duck style spread than a traditional diver rig.


The Princess Gets Her Doe
Who: InSights Managing Editor Wendy LaFever
Grand Island, Neb.
When: Dec. 8-12
Game: white-tailed deer
We’ve been watching the weather report like hawks for the past three days, and the news just seems to keep getting worse. Although the rumored snow initially had us celebrating—“It’ll make the deer move,” cheered Kyle—it now appears that we’re going to be flying right into a blizzard. Projected snowfall is up to 14 inches, with 20 mph winds. We have to fly to Chicago, then to Lincoln, then rent a car and drive about 90 miles to Grand Island.


A Most Challenging Year
Who: Mark Morgan, NRA Member
South Dakota
When: Pheasant season
Each and every South Dakota pheasant season is unique. Weather, field and crop conditions combine to determine behavior patterns of the birds and present changing conditions that even the most seasoned hunters must fight to overcome.

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